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knit glove sandwich board by Emily O'Lea

In contrast with my painstaking needlework, the sandwich boards that I make out of plywood are casual and unfussy.  With my sandwich boards I can populate the world around me with creatures and objects that would be at home in the samplers.  I arrange the boards in clusters so that they spill into and out of spaces. 

I've always been interested in what people set out in their yard to give their homes personality and painted wood cut-outs are some of my favorite yard decorations.  I started building sandwich boards that were somewhere between wood cut-outs and sidewalk signs and then set them outside my door, moving them around according to my mood.  Looser and quicker to make than my samplers, the sandwich boards are double-sided so that they can be flipped depending on whether the situation demands ducklings or crows, a white knit glove or a red leather glove, etc. The boards are both garnishes for buildings and, because the depictions are life-sized, surrogates for the things represented, turning any space into a sort of theater set that you move around in.  

crows sandwich board cropped Emily OLear
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